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Tan Swie Hian


His painting ‘When the Moon is Orbed” broke Singapore record for being the most expensive art sold – at S$3.7 million to a China collector.

This renaissance man is into literary arts as well as fine arts. The cultural medallion recipient has 2 museums bearing his name; in Singapore and China. Swie Hian is also the first from this region to be elected as a member to the time-honoured Academy of Fine Acts of the Institute of France.

His works has been exhibited all over the world and he continues to receive accolades.

In 2005, Swie Hian took time out to perform a calligraphy painting at the first International Zen conference in Singapore. The calligraphy on display at our gallery is the result: ‘ The whole world is a single flower’.

A member of the audience likened the performance to the one he did in the Venice Binale when he was Singapore’s representative in 1979.

Tan-Swie-Hian-1  tan-swie-hian-portrait