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Raymond Lau Poo Seng

RAYMOND LAU POO SENG ( 刘富生 ) Despite his Tourette Syndrome, which caused his unco-ordinated actions and noises – “I used to whack myself until I bled” -, he graduated with a Bachelor of FineArts (painting). Raymond has participated in exhibitions, in group as well as standalone, at local as well as overseas venues. This includes solo exhibitions in New York(at the National Arts Club)  and China. His obvious talent resulted in him winning numerous art awards, among them, 1993 Grand Regional  Prize(top in Asia) UOB Painting of the Year, Young Artist Award 2011(for best young artist). This award-winning painting Echoes of the Window (I), mixed media, depicts a window of a prewar building. In 1997, he became the first Singaporean to be invited onto the hallowed grounds of artist colony, Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, New York. Raymond is ever so proud of his mentor/friend, Singapore’s millionaire artist Tan Swie Hian that he held a ‘Painterly Dissertation on Tan Swie Hian’ solo exhibition at the Tan Swie Hian Museum, Singapore, which saw a sold-out of his works. Raymond is ever stretching himself , challenging himself, as advised by his dear friend Tan Swie Hian, to come up with new styles of painting. For him, there is always room to grow as an artist.


With Lee Kuan Yew in the background



Ex-President of Singapore S U Nathan