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Lee Soo Chee


Soo Chee graduated from Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong. She has the rare opportunity to study Chinese ink painting under master painters Szeto Kei and Fan Chang Tien.

Her calligraphy is influenced by her tutor, the famous Singapore calligrapher-poet Pan Shou

In 1994 and 1996, Soo Chee took part in competitions in the land of Chinese painting and calligraphy and won first prize in Suegan Chinese Painting and Calligraphy competitions .

Her art and skill are acknowledged by ex-museum staff, artist/archivist Koh Nguang How who chose to be the curator of her works.

Some of her works bear her calligraphic peoms which is all the more valuable. Her seal carving artistry as seen on her works reflects her mastery.

Soo Chee’s works has been selected for the China publication “International Contemporary Calligraphy Collection”.

Soo Chee has held 5 solo and participated in 20 group exhibitions here and in China.

She is also an art instructor.

Lee Soo Chee Artist