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About Us

iArtsg is an enterprise with a social cause of promoting artists with disabilities and supporting artists who believe in our cause.

Our artists have won awards and accolades but when the applause has died down, where do they go?

Back to their studio, and hope that they can sell their work so that they can continue to make art; to buy their art material, to pay for their studio and the living expenses of their families.

In Southeast Asia, making a living out of making art is a daily struggle where success, high finance and IT are the bywords of our Asian pragmatic society.

Culture and art – what’s that? You can’t eat them.

You’ll notice that there are only a handful of full-time artists around. That is because most artists cannot earn enough to live off the sales of their artwork. So most of what could have been our talented artists are found in the commercial design sector. They can only make art after office hours; they spend their best hours making money.

It’s sad. Artists are the soul of our nation, our conscience, our cultural treasures.

The curated celebrated artists whose works are featured here are disadvantaged because of their disabilities, but their inspiration and creativity are more than on par with their peers. They are the reclusive, sometimes forgotten,  heros and heroines in our midst, working away in their little workshop.

By investing in their artwork, you are nurturing them, supporting their spirit, their freedom. You are buying a piece of the artist because these artworks  are drawn from the wellspring of their inner being.

Keep a piece of them in your heart and hearth.

These are artists who win awards in spite of their handicap, get up close with their work because they are among the best artists in Singapore and beyond.








Kim Ong (Miss)
honoured to be a member of



p.s. Do join us – you artists who are supportive of our efforts and would like to be featured here as a collective, please fill up expression of interest form, our curator will contact you.